About Us


About me:

My Name is Brooke Riordan and I am the owner of Rose & Beaux. I am 29 years old and live in Milwaukee, WI. I am happily married to the love of my life, Jim. I am a mommy to Henry, who turned two in April 

I am a Disney obsessed, caffeine addicted, sci-fi loving nerd. I have seen every Disney movie so many times and I plan to own every single one on DVD if possible. I am a Harry Potter junkie that has to watch them every time they are on TV. I love any sort of sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural show. I normally binge watching them as I work. Oh and pepsi is my kryptonite. I need it to survive.


About the shop:

I originally opened by shop in January 2014, at which time, it was called Ve Inspired Boutique. My shop was opened after much persuasion from my sister, who I was consistently making hair accessories for her daughter to wear. We slowly grew over the next year and a half, bring tons of bows and florals to the shop. From then until now, we have shifted gars, changed names twice, moved multiple times and had Henry. 

All my florals and bows are cut and glued together, by me, from start to finish. I use only the best wool blend felts and nylon bands to make sure our products are gentle and safe to be worn. I use only the highest quality vegan leathers, faux leathers, and glitters. My beanie patterns are all hand drafted by myself. I cut and sew each and every one. Before shipping, I carefully look over each piece, for a second and third time, to make sure it meets my high standards before shipping.